Recycled Fabric

– An Introduction to Recycled Fabric –

Conquer Gear Salvage Recycled Fabric, Smiley Skull!

Pattern cutting + Recycled Bottles = Happy Ethical Conquer Gear T-shirt

Every year billions of tons of cotton is wasted when fibres cut off during the pattern cutting process get discarded and often end up in landfill. Recycling fabric is incredibly important in cutting cotton overproduction.

Our recycled range is made up of two waste materials destined for the bin: pre-consumer waste organic cotton combined with a poly thread made up from discarded plastic bottles. Recycled fabric not only leads to less waste but a very sturdy and quite attractive marled fibre, perfect for our illustration prints!

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Did you know: The waste of our species is quite special. WRAP estimated 350,000 tonnes of cotton ends up in landfill in the UK each year. Clothing accounts for around 5% of the UK’s total annual retail expenditure, with consumers spending £44 billion a year on buying clothes – or around £1,700 per household. If clothes stayed in active use for nine months longer (extending the average garment life to around three years), this could save £5 billion a year from the costs of resources used in clothing supply, laundry and disposal. Given that over 5% of the UK’s total annual carbon and water footprints result from clothing consumption, savings of this scale would be hugely significant, not only in financial and commercial terms, but also environmentally.

Waste And Resources Infographic WRAP clothing landfill

We need to use less, treasuring your favorite clothing items and looking after them. If you eat too many pies, or grow a few extra feet thanks to hormones and need a new size, then think about handing it down or donating for charity. Even stuff which is beyond its useful life can often be recycled in a clothes bank and its fibers used elsewhere.

Conquer Gear Fat Wrestler Recycled Fabric Crow T-shirt

When you outgrow your old conquer top we have sizes for you! But recy

Our fabrics are produced in India from 60% recycled organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester. The cotton comes from organic production of our organic range garments. The cotton waste is saved (“salvaged”) and shredded until broken into individual fibres. These are then blended with locally recycled polyester and spun into yarn. The knitting, dyeing and manufacturing are carried out in facilities in Tamil Nadu. It is renowned for its high ethical labour standards and low environmental impact.


Did you know: The original meaning of the word shoddy was not “low quality” but actually “yarn or fabric made from the shredded fibre of waste woollen cloth or clippings.” Our salvage range dispenses with this common notion of shoddy. The combination of plastic bottle waste and recycled fabrics in our salvage collection is one of our hardest wearing fabrics!

Previously shoddy fabric would have very short strands leading to fraying or unraveling, hence our understanding of it as “shoddy”. The production we use now blows this original meaning out the water with its new technique of combining waste plastic bottle as poly thread, along with the excess pattern cuttings from organic cotton production.


Did you know: The average cotton T-shirt will require around 3 bathtubs worth of water just for the cotton bush to produce enough cotton to make it.

Think of how much water could be saved if we started recycling all the pattern cutting waste from our clothing production.


We are doing our Recycling. How’s your bit coming on? Do you use sustainable bags, recycle at home or only purchase what you need?

We can help, but the responsibility is in all our hands.


Hard wearing and resource saving. Job done!