Podcast Vol 3 = Escape from the hospital

ConquerGear Ken Podcast

DJ Ken Walsh Dicks = Aka Angry Tooth Man

Escape from the hospital

One of our newest members of the Conquer Gear crew is a DJ and Producer, Ken was unfortunately hospitalized by a very angry infected tooth recently, this musical mash up comes to you inspired by a few days on morphine that will make sure he brushes his teeth from now on!

From Hip Hop to Jungle via Rock and Ambient. This mix will help while away the time waiting for your next check up in hospital.

Track list

Dark side – Green Light

Tipper – Cycles within Cycles within

Beastie Boys – Sneaking outta the hospital

Aim – ain’t got time to waste

Mr Bungle – The Air Conditioned Nightmare

The Prodigy – Claustrophobic sting

Hyroglifics – Soundboy

Soundgarden – The day I tried to live

Jehst – High plains anthem

Loveage – Pit Sit take me home

Amon Tobin – One Last Look