Mission Statement

Conquer spawns from a fine art background. Rather than design alone, why not have concepts behind what you wear? Print and illustration have lead onto photography and video. We use your support to fund our art projects and you can find the workings of our minds on these pages.

Conquer is not a reflection of apathy through fashion, but instead considers its art as much a part of a journey as it is a product of commerce. A key vow to ourselves is to remain independent. We endeavour to have 100% control over our business and creative output. We invest our own time and funding into art projects, collaborating with photographers, filmmakers and artists to create content that we can be proud of. We hope to create a story involving you all. Life is really what you make it. We love to challenge ideas and concepts we believe are conditioned by society. Our motto is there really is always beauty within despair, and you can always see things in more than one way!

People and the Environment! We are an ethical clothing company. Our number one priority is operating a zero tolerance policy to child labour, enforced labour and dangerous work environments. All of our garments are sustainable and bare the markings of the Fair Ware foundation, The Soil Association, Earth Positive, or vertically integrated manufacturing (see more in our ETHICS section). We have made it part of our mission to offer an informed choice to customers, not to patronise but share a little of what we have learned about how our industry and the choices we all make affect the world.