Isidora Bojovic, Frail Machines

3 of our conquer ranks are subjects included in an art exhibition in Dubai; FRAIL MACHINES



Isidora Bojovic, a photographer, illustrator and mix media artist put together this show asking questions of where humanity ends and machinery begins. How much time do we already spend with our computers and virtual worlds? How is this evolving us as a species and what will the future bring? With more and more developments in technology, are they becoming an extension of our bodies and minds?



Isadora Bojovic approached us after meeting in spitalfields last summer and asked if we would model for photographs that she would later turn into these photo, drawing hybrids you see here. We were impressed with how well she merges all the different disciplines into the final pieces you see here!




We enjoyed being asked to be a part of the Frail Machine series and have her work her magic with our team. The pieces are stunning and have an interesting narrative that sparks the imagination.

Check out here other work here;



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