Shake And Get Over It


One Of Conquer Gear’s Illustrated And Organic TShirts – No More Chess, Lets just Shake and get over it!

 Shake And Get Over It

We’ve all done it, pointed a finger and deflected some blame elsewhere.

Ever wondered if your ego is getting in the way of shaking and truly getting over it?


Conflicts, no matter how big or small, are only partially about the present. As humans, there is a difficulty to disconnect with our past and we learn from previous experience. So how much of this is learnt behavior and how much of what has gone before is clouding our judgement?



From the palestine issue that stretches back into history even further than the listed 67 years of conflict, to the relationships we have with parents and siblings. The blame game essentially stops progress because it becomes not about what’s happening now and becomes about the collective history that will never be able to change.



So my point is this. No matter what has gone before, we should put down our fragile but useless egos and say we’re sorry like we mean it. Otherwise we will keep going around in circles, wondering what could have been in the past.

Say that you’re truly sorry and get over it, shake and get over it!

Your inner ego isn’t worth listening to.


NoMoreChess_BurntOutCorridor_ShakeAndGetOverIt_ConquerGear_NoMoreChess _LimitedEditionPhotography_AnthonyLycett

No More Chess – Limited Edition Photography by Anthony Lycett



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