To Fear?

To fear or not to fear, one of those all important life questions!

Mr death is a reaping some fear!

How much time too you have to kill…

Not fearing things is a well known human pastime, and yes life can be scary, especially when imagination can make many fears seem bigger than they actually are. For instance, fearing your taxes won’t make them less painful, inevitable or most importantly won’t make them smaller.

Fear is not useful in this circumstance. Our reaction to fear is often to avoid, flee, hide, ignore, discredit, or many other countless things that may or may not improve the circumstances. Mostly they don’t do anything for us. Like crossed fingers they might make us feel a bit better but they don’t make life any less unpredictable or random! But fear is often used by some, usually to exert control over others.

One of our most common fears is death, but how long do we actually have anyway? Can you quantify it into a timescale? No one can actually know their end time, so fearing the end is a bit like fearing water. You’re going to have to drink it sometime. It would definitely be the death of you if you ran away from any sign of it!

My take on this is that for now anyway you have time to kill…

Conquer’s cupid vs death podcast to enjoy while reading!

The finite nature of life is what makes it precious, the fact that life is fragile is what makes us treasure it. Realising this you can understand that an end is very important, especially to a species that doesn’t need too many excuses to test the limit of life. Being immortal would take the gloves off and we really wouldn’t have much reason to get out of bed each morning unless it was to torch a path of destruction to test this idea of immortality. knowing humans it would be impossible to get them out of their bedrooms as they would try to wank themselves to death in between playstation marathons. I mean why stop when there is always tomorrow!

I’m not saying death isn’t horrible, tragic or attempting to make fun of a painful subject. I just want to wrestle some of those fears away from you. Then we can start realising its a good motivator to do something useful, something that might make you truly immortal in the eyes of others. Death doesn’t need to be a negative construct. It’s inevitability can be a useful gage of what life is for. Use your time to kill wisely now!