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Who are The illustrated story tellers? CONQUER GEAR;



Conquer Gear is a diverse collective of artists and imaginers spearheaded by the provocative illustrations of Tomoya Hiramatsu and curated with craft and dedication by Sebastian Stobbs. Our overriding philosophy is to find beauty in the unusual and seek inspiration from life’s far from perfect moments.

We are not just a clothing label – our creativity pours into a feast of mixed mediums from photography to moving picture, via the printed image and the written word – it is those expressive elements that we draw upon in equal measure, to inform our ideologies and enrich our experiences.

Conquer is not a reflection of apathy through fashion, but instead considers its art as much a part of a journey as it is a product of commerce. We are not artists making clothing, rather artists using clothing to make creativity!

Conquer Gear has always set out to use the sales generated from your support to fund challenging, exciting art projects and to offer work opportunities to fledgling creative minds. Rather than create traditional seasons of clothing we set out to create cohesive collections featuring many forms of art and media, you will find the results of that here on our website.

Tomoya and Sebastian studied in Central Saint martins together, realising a shared love for philosophy music and humour. Tomoya the skilled draftsman, painter and illustrator. Sebastian a printmaker and lifetime storyteller. They pooled their creativity to create Conquer Gear, now in its 7th year and going strong.


This is part of our business mission statement. All garments are sourced from fair trade companies where cotton is picked with ethical and sustainable practices and produced in countries whose laws protects the rights of the worker.

Our choices of fabrics are not just for their look, shape and quality. We believe in providing a choice to the consumer and helping them in making informed decisions about ethical fabrics. We believe lack of knowledge creates unsustainable business models in the fashion industry.

Our fabrics used for clothing will be one of the following,


Our organic range supplier is a world leader (Earth Positive/Continental) in creating garments using 100% organic cotton, with a 90% reduced carbon footprint.

Bamboo or Tencel

Selections of our garments are made from the fibres of the Bamboo plant. Some from the wood pulp of the eucalyptus tree – Tencel is the most environmentally friendly man made cellulosic fibre available today.


The Fairwear foundation is a non-profit organisation, working to improve labour conditions in the garment manufacturing industry. Our garments supplied by Earth Positive/Continental are all made under the FWF’s Code of Labour Practice.

Vertically Integrated

Some of our shapes are supplied by American Apparel. They keep things environmentally friendly by applying a vertical integration strategy to their manufacture process. All our garments coming from AA are knit, dyed, cut, sewn and packed under the same roof.

Recycled Salvage

Shredding fabric cuttings from our organic range waste, then blending this with material made from recycled waste bottles turns two waste materials into a 100% recycled Eco material.


Here at Conquer Gear we show interest in all craft and art. We would like to share and support interesting shows, exhibitions, music and other form of intriguing media. We will blog about all manner of  creative endeavours. Also if you have an exhibit or project that you think would fit our artwork we would love to hear from you about any collaborations or exhibitions.



To stay up to date with our product launches, creative family and special offers here at Conquer Gear we have a mailing list that you can subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, at any time. We do not want to be responsible for huge amounts of junk mail and keep it to a maximum so we don’t cramp your style while keeping you well informed!

At present its once a fortnight and you can subscribe from the form in the top right.


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